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What are the advantages of ozone therapy in the tub for dogs?

The ozone therapy in the dog tub is a treatment based on the exploitation of the benefits of ozone and oxygen : these gases in fact stimulate the regeneration of the animal’s tissues, favor the healing process and enhance the cellular protection systems, acting as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory¬†Dog grooming Katy, TX .The disinfectant properties of the gas also favor cellular regeneration : for this reason it is very suitable for animals suffering from dermatitis, seborrhea, skin irritations, malasezie, pyoderma, redness, itching and dandruff. Thanks to the antiseptic properties, ozone therapy also reduces the risk of transmission of diseases and infections caused by bacteria and fungi. Since the proliferation of germs and bacteria has harmful consequences for the coat, ozone therapy will also benefit the coat , making it more shiny and resistant Mobile groomer near me.

Already since 1900 this technique was used to treat gangrene and very serious gunshot or stab wounds, obtaining some success especially during the Great War. Later it was applied for the treatment of various human diseases, related to poor blood circulation, skin diseases and gastro-intestinal disorders. Given the beneficial results , the transition from man to dog has therefore arrived in a short time.

effective dog grooming

What might bother the dog a bit, however, is being tossed seamlessly from one clean to the next, without having time to relax a bit. Here then two factors become essential: empathy and time .

Let’s start with empathy. A groomer is not only good when he has the perfect mastery of cutting techniques or knows perfectly the best products around. He is really good when he can win, in a short time, the trust and the sympathy of his hairy client . He must adapt to different characters, be able to handle even the most lively or biting dogs.

Then there is the time factor. When you take your dog for grooming, you shouldn’t be in a hurry . Leaving the groomer a few more minutes than strictly necessary allows him to relax the animal between one treatment and another, perhaps entertaining him with a game or with some treats, or pampering him a little. All things that make grooming more serene and not stressful at all. So the next time Fido will be happy to come back.

In conclusion, we can say with certainty that grooming for your dog is a pleasure . It keeps it clean and in shape and can also become an opportunity for recreation. Toiletries? Yes thanks!

Best Gift Your Dog a Hand-made Pet Bed 

At the point when you have a pet at home, nothing is a higher priority than him/her. You love the way your pet caresses you after a long tiring day at work. Wagging your tail, your pet is waiting for you at home, ready to welcome you with delight and affection. In any case, when it’s an ideal opportunity to hit the sack, your pet is relegated to a carpet on the floor. Although some pet proprietors allow dogs to head to sleep with them, this isn’t the most intelligent decision for your dog. Your pet necessities a bed to rest on. The bed is also a space in your home that genuinely has a place with your pet truly. Your pet may crawl on the bed around evening time or sneak into a nap or two during the day. With regards to pet accessories, dog beds are critical.

Here are a few hints to remember while purchasing the ideal pet bed.

Dog size:

Although this is self-evident, it is the most crucial factor to consider while picking a bed for your dog. If your dog is as yet a doggy, figure how enormous your dog will develop and then purchase a bed accordingly instead of purchasing beds in an alternate size at regular intervals.

Where will it be kept?

Although we may not consider this point adequately important, it makes a difference somewhat. On the off chance that the dog bed will be kept inside, especially on the floor, it is bound to get grimy. It may not get as filthy on the off chance that it is placed inside a dog crate. So pick the material of the bed contingent upon where you expect to keep it. Remember that your pet may invest energy playing with their favorite toy, which may leave the bed torn or scratched.

Climate conditions

Geographical conditions also play a crucial job in picking a dog bed. On the off chance that your city’s climate is blistering and damp, pick a thin mattress that will not make your pet feel sweltering and tacky. If the environment is cold and dry, pick a thicker bed and an extra layer of insulation to give your pet the warmth and solace it needs.

Match it with the stylistic theme of your room

Your pet is destined to invest the majority of its energy in your room, so it very well may be a smart thought to purchase a pet bed that matches the stylistic theme of your room’s beautiful and elegant space.