Month: February 2024

Shadows of Justice: Dive into Tamil Cinema’s Crime Masterpieces

At aha, we welcome you to experience an engaging and versatile entertainment world. aha Boasts its wide library offering an array of Tamil new movies and crime movies that will satisfy every viewer. Regardless of the genre you prefer – action, detective stories, or mystery– aha delivers to satisfaction.

Top 3 Crime Movies on aha: 

Discover the exciting new collection of the top 3 crime Tamil movies you can watch.


Plunge into the dark domain of crime-solving through “Irai,” a TV series action crime drama with six episodes. This story has ACP Robert Vasudevan, played by R. Sarathkumar, who is in charge of investigating a kidnapping incident involving the politician as its central figure. Meanwhile, he has to figure out the mysteries behind the strange disappearance of men from these wealthy families in this city. In the words of Manoj Kumar Kalaivanan and Rajesh M. Selva, “Irai” is a thrilling ride filled with suspense, drama, and crime-busting action. This series, starring Gouri Nair and Abhishek Shankar, is a true representation of aha’s goal to offer premium Tamil new movies that keep the audience glued in their seats.

John Luther:

Chase the adrenalin rush of crime and mystery in “John Luther,” an exciting movie directed and written by Abhijith Joseph. This crime mystery thriller revolves around the case of a missing teacher named Prakashan, who is reported to the police station where John Luther, played by Jayasurya, works as a CI. Slowly, the mystery unravels, leading to personal crosses for Luther, who is not only faced with finding solutions to cases but has his own afflictions as well. Deepak Parambol, Jayasurya, and Siddique’s remarkable performances in John Luther prove that aha only presents the best Tamil crime movies available.


“Jail” takes you on a gripping journey through the lives of three childhood friends—Karnan, Kalai, and Rocky—living in the government housing board complex in Thuraipakkam, Chennai. Directed by Vasanthabalan and written by Pon Parthiban, S. Ramakrishnan, and Bakkiyam Sankar, the film unfolds as a high-stakes action crime drama. The trio, portrayed by G V Prakash Kumar, Pasanga Paandi, and Nandhan Ram, finds themselves caught in a web of illegal activities due to societal prejudices and a corrupt cop’s sinister plans. “Jail” is a raw and intense narrative that underscores aha’s dedication to delivering compelling Tamil crime movies that push boundaries and offer a fresh perspective on the genre.

aha! The Best Site For Thrilling Tamil Films:

aha stands as a platform that not only celebrates the latest in Tamil movies but also curates a selection of gripping crime dramas that appeal to diverse tastes. With “Irai,” “John Luther,” and “Jail,” aha continues to be your go-to destination for an unparalleled entertainment experience. Uncover the mysteries, feel the adrenaline, and witness the brilliance of Tamil cinema, all on aha today.

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