Widowers Will Get Sex Dolls Designed in the Image of Late Wives

Life is such that one of the spouses leaves this world earlier. How then the fate of widowers develops depends on them and quite often on the attitude of people in their circle.

Read the story of this man: “My wife died a year ago. I am a person with a disability, so I feel particularly lonely and lack a beloved partner. I thought about my second marriage several times and somehow even tried to build a relationship with a woman. But an inner voice has stopped me: it seems that neither the Lord nor the late wife will forgive me.”

Don’t be shocked, but some individuals choose to get so-called silicone Real Dolls which look like their wives. Man “orders” the appearance of “replica.” The client specifies the following features:

  • size;
  • breast;
  • waist;
  • shoulders;
  • the color of the eyes, the shape of the nose, lips, cheekbones;
  • hair: color and length.

Gentlemen will have sexual pleasure and won’t feel so lovely. Maybe it sounds strange and unnatural but in China and Japan, such a practice isn’t novelty at all.  

Marry Again?

  • We all know that the first marriage is especially valuable in the eyes of society. And if people kept it to the end of their earthly life, then their reward in heaven is much higher than that of those couples who have had experience of divorce.
  • After the death of the spouse, the other has the right to tie the knot the second and more times. In addition, the reestablishment of a family by a widower is not under public judgment, as, for example, a marriage of divorced people. In fact, the Christian church has always understood the brunt of widowhood and crowned single people.
  • But it is important to understand another moment: true love knows no boundaries. And if you truly loved someone, after your death, this person will still be so meaningful to you that any thoughts about a second marriage will seem like a betrayal to you. Therefore, listen to the voice of conscience.

Psychologist’ commentary: “Unfortunately, not everyone understands that there is nothing worse than being alone. Relatives are selfish and often demonstrate their lack of support in such a sensitive issue. Do not judge anyone: everyone has the right to privacy. You just need to understand: men who have been married for many years are dependent on women’s care and home comfort. Some do not know where things lie, cannot find anything. Therefore, they are not looking for a new love, as children and friends often think, but peace, well-established life, and interlocutor.”

So don’t be surprised that some males order silicone “copies” of their partners.

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