Porn Addiction and How to Diagnose It

It is no secret that some couples in the pursuit of thrill use or used pornography while having sex. However, at times, instead of giving pleasure, pornography becomes an “apple of discord.”With such a development of events, it is better to be fully armed and learn in advance about the first signs of “porn dependence”.

  1. Your partner has ceased to be as sociable as before.

He is constantly looking for excuses to do nothing, is missing for inexplicable reasons and loses track of time. He is not interested in communicating with you or anyone else, including even his family.

  1. Your partner loses interest in sex or becomes sexually insensitive.

You become the only initiator in sex. In addition, your partner has problems with sexual arousal (for example, his erection is disturbed and he cannot reach orgasm).

  1. During sex, your partner becomes unusually picky or even rude.

During lovemaking, you feel overwhelmed and compelled by something that causes you physical or emotional discomfort. Your partner uses non-traditional sexual language.

  1. Your partner has a “blank look”

During sex, your lover thinks about something else, so you start to feel unnecessary and unwanted. The intimacy of the relationship between you and your partner is lost in the bedroom and in everyday life.

  1. Your partner started to find flaws in your appearance

Your second half becomes extremely concerned about your appearance. Your partner starts to make you stinging comments about your weight or figure, as well as releasing tactless comments about sex, which makes you feel like a sexual object.

  1. In a conversation with you, the partner always avoids direct answers.

You suspect that everything that has been told to you lately is a lie. At the same time, answering your questions, the partner says unclear, sometimes absurd things. In addition, your second half suddenly has a secret e-mail, own credit card, a new, unknown cell number.

  1. Your partner practically “lives” on the Web.

He/she spends lots of time, in front of a computer. He constantly requires privacy and often changes his day/night schedule. As a result, he has vision problems, his back, shoulders, and neck begin to ache.

  1. You understand that your partner’s behavior has changed dramatically.

Your partner seems different, he cannot calm down, he does not sleep well. His character and interests have changed. Feeling like a “sexual pervert”, such a person can become incredibly aggressive to justify the hidden “porn addiction”.

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