VR Porn in European Hotels

Hi-tech progress is a powerful thing, and it influences all spheres. So in the porn industry, there has been a new level too. Thanks to the virtual reality systems as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive etc. in the near future it will occupy its own, a bit specific, niche.

Now in about 6000 hotels in Europe, it is possible to watch porn in VR glasses. Visitors are offered all devices and films that they can watch in them. Many porn industry directors claim that Europe has always been ahead of the States in terms of emancipation and attitude to sex.

What Are the Benefits of a New Entertainment?

  • Lovemaking is happening here and now. You choose a girl or a guy to your taste and find yourself in a modeled hotel room. Further, there will be a knock at the door and the object of your dreams will “enter” the room. Well, what will be next is hot VR lovemaking.
  • The most remarkable thing in some hotels is not even a new level of sexual pleasure, but the fact that the intercourse takes place in a digital replica of a real room.
  • Due to the high availability of phones and gadgets hotel visitors began to buy porn less often while this was a serious source of income for the owners. To make clients pay for adult content again, owners decided to offer them to try watching adult films with virtual reality glasses. This gadget is quite expensive and not many people will buy it home, but some will agree to try it during the rest or business trip.
  • According to representatives of the industry, this kind of porn gives men a unique experience:  they can feel like a character of the movie and virtually cheat their wife but in the most possible harmless way. In addition, glasses or headset they can take part in love games with several partners at once and try something that they wouldn’t have enough courage in real life.
  • Very soon the characters of hot virtual intercourse will be show biz stars and celebrities who agreed for this endeavor.  

Such strawberry for travelers had a promotion campaign. “We believe that in 10 years in every room of the hotel in the USA and Europe there will be virtual reality glasses,” claims tourism insiders. They make all efforts to boost profits and lure travelers around the globe in all possible ways. Hoteliers expect additional income and more popularity for their venues globally.

The glasses may be used for complete immersion in ordinary movies or computer games. The only problem is a psychological barrier: some people are unlikely to agree to use devices in which other client watched porn earlier.

It seems that in several years we are waiting for the rapid development and improvement of this technology, both in the field of entertainment and in a more serious application. Wait and see. But in the meantime, we pack our bags and fly to Europe.

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