Gadgets for Adult Pleasure

Sexual fashion and the frantic development of technology dictate us new ways of comprehending pleasure. Not only do we have unlimited access to information such as “Where?”, “With whom?” and“How?”, the growing sex industry, along with gadgets, is trying to transfer carnal pleasures to the virtual plane. The last significant development in this area (or a good viral ad, who knows) is virtual sex at a distance. It is possible that the extraordinary concept of sex with an iPad is fake created to attract the attention of buyers. However, on the market and without this device there are gadgets that are aimed at achieving one result – to give pleasure while partners are far away.

LovePalz is a gadget directly connected with the owners’ iPhone via a special application, which is an analog to Facetime video chat. To start virtual sexual intercourse, two devices that look like vibrators are required. For the beautiful half of humanity, this device is a type of vibrator, which supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Men get an oblong cylinder with a cavity inside. Devices connected in the cloud process the data and control the speed and rate of rotation and vibration.

RealTouch is a device that works on the interaction between the elongated tube simulating the vagina and the video with adult content. RealTouch is attached to the male genitals, connects to a computer via a USB cable and synchronizes what is happening on the screen with the actions of a small gadget. For $ 100, the manufacturer promises a kit, which, in addition to the device itself, includes a thousand porn videos.

Another tool called PleasureRemote is used by women and is designed to perform several functions. Pleasure Remote looks like a normal vibrator, and this is its first purpose. However, if you connect the device through special software, the vibrator will begin to follow the commands of the user on the PC. Speed, intensity and other parameters can be controlled remotely. If there is no one to please the girl (even from a distance), then Pleasure Remote boasts a special, musical mode. When activated, the vibrator will “listen” to the same music as its owner and move to the beat of the musical composition.

VR and Long-Distance Sex

We could not get past the device, which, although fairly criticized, occupies the first position in the market of virtual reality devices. Restless Japanese, known for their love for anime and manga, built a simulator of sexual intercourse with Japanese folklore characters from augmented reality and male sex stimulant. The character of the video game, which connects to the device with glasses, can spend hours pleasing the player, immersing him in the world of erotic anime and sexual fantasies.

The last device is from recent, nevertheless, forgotten past. It was possible to have sex at a distance in the 2000s, this need was satisfied with the pair device FuckU-FuckMe (abbreviated FuFMe). The two devices were very similar to a regular CD-drive with a hole or a process on the body. Such a “CD drive” was installed into a free 5.25″ slot for CD drives, and the information about partners’ gestures was transmitted over the internet. After installing FuFMe, it was necessary only to turn on the Internet, start the program and arrange the session with your partner.

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