Liquid Diamonds vs. Live Resin: A Look at How They Are Extracted and What Happens

Two terms that come up a lot in the world of cannabis concentrates are “liquid diamonds” and “live resin.” It’s important for both experienced users and newbies to know the differences between these extraction methods and the goods they produce. We are going to learn about the world of liquid diamonds vs live resin to find out what makes them special.

How do you explain Liquid Diamonds and Live Resin?

Let’s get the basics down before we go any further. Both liquid diamonds and live resin are cannabis concentrates, which means they are strong forms of cannabis that are taken from the flowers of the plant. But they are extracted in different ways, which makes the texture, taste, and strength of them different.

How Liquid Diamonds and Live Resin Are Made

  • Hydrocarbon extraction is a special way of getting diamonds out of rocks that is used to make liquid diamonds. Solvents like butane or propane are used to remove the cannabinoids and oils from the cannabis plant during this process. The concentrate that is made crystallizes, turning into small, clear crystals that float in a sauce that is high in terpenes.
  • On the other hand, live resin is made in a way that keeps the freshness and smell of the cannabis plant. For this method, cannabis flowers are flash-frozen right after they are picked, and then solvents like butane or CO2 are used to remove the cannabinoids and terpenes. The naturally occurring terpenes are still present in the frozen plant matter, which makes a concentrate with strong taste and aroma.

Profile of Flavour and Effects

  • As a result of the way they are extracted, liquid diamonds often have a high marijuana content and a strong terpene flavour. This makes a concentrate with strong tastes and effects that is good for expert users who want a strong experience.
  • People love live resin because it has fresh, fragrant tastes that come from the cannabis plant’s terpene profile being kept. Cannabinoids and terpenes work together to give you a well-rounded experience that balances happiness and calmness.

There isn’t a clear winner between liquid diamonds vs live resin —each has its own pros and cons. Whether you like the way liquid diamonds look like crystals or the way live resin smells like a rich forest, both are strong and tasty cannabis experiences. Knowing the differences between these extraction methods lets customers pick the one that works best for them based on their personal tastes and the effects they want.