Learn about foyer lights lantern style

Designing and remodeling a home is a lot of work, but one of the least complex tasks is installing overhead lighting. Go ahead – put that chandelier or hanging lights over the dining table and watch them sparkle. It’s worth it. Well, more to consider when deciding what kind of light fixtures you want in your space. Do you want them to be decorative or functional? You’ll also have to take care of practical matters like wattages, voltage compatibility, and even proximity for electrical circuits, whether adding new lights (or replacing old ones) or just changing bulbs.


Foyer lights are typically hung over the front door on either side, but they can also be hung above hallways and other areas leading off the front entranceway. This article will cover what different foyer lights are used for, like lanterns or ceiling lights, and how to choose one based on your purpose.


For chandeliers, the possibilities are endless. You can choose from various glass styles and finishes and foyer lights lantern style, as well as different forms (flush mounts, semi-recessed and recessed) for either a single light or several. Recessed fixtures provide the most protection from drafts, which is why they are ideal for lighting over stairways in hallways where air circulation is limited. Hanging lights are generally installed in a stairwell or hallway to create beautiful lighting effects on your way to the dining room or living room.


Longer runs of recessed lights incorporate different bulbs that give off diffused light to supplement what’s coming through the glass shades. While this does provide some extra lighting, it’s not nearly as efficient as a series of recessed light fixtures. In fact, the longer the lights run, the more energy you will use to power them.


In addition to being functional and decorative, your lights can provide added safety features. Sensitive night vision does not do well in the bright light produced by many fluorescent bulbs and LED lights. Overexposure to these kinds of lamps may cause your dream to become less sensitive over time. However, if you install lights with a dimmer, you can create the perfect lighting for any situation.


Although adding ceiling lights may not be at the top of your to-do list, it’s essential. The lighting you choose will significantly affect the overall effect of your interior design. If your chandeliers have a decorative role in your design, ensure they are placed where they can be easily seen and appreciated without overpowering or taking away from other elements in the room. If you are using up-lights to add some accent lighting to a space, make sure they don’t cast shadows on the walls or furniture around them.